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 Where to buy Website Traffic


Think Green! ;)

Besides the ideas we mentioned on the how to get traffic ideas page you can also buy traffic from a variety of sources, there are sites specialized in traffic brokering and selling but I would recommend you buy targeted traffic, meaning getting visitors to your site that are looking for what you offer.

Now how to do that? You have a variety of choices here and you can find solutions for any budget small or big. One way would be for example to buy add spots at an online publication that covers the industry or niche your are in or even better there are the search engines that let you bid on search terms covering your market. Here are some you may check out:


  • Google AdWords
    Google AdWords™ enables you to manage your own account, and with cost-per-click (CPC) pricing, you pay only when users click on your ad. You control your costs by setting a daily budget for what you are willing to spend each day.


  • Overture (Yahoo)
    List your business in sponsored search results across the Web. Control your position by the amount you bid on keywords. Set your own price-per-click and pay only when a customer clicks through to your site.


  • Kanoodle
    ContextTarget™, featured on some of the Web's biggest names including CBS MarketWatch, puts control back in your hands. ContextTarget™ puts your ads alongside editorial content instead of within search results. This allows you to reach potential consumers at the exact time they are engaged and reading relevant content on their favorite sites. Click Here to learn about ContextTarget™
    KeywordTarget™, Kanoodle's Search product, lists your site quality search engines across the Net. You bid on keywords that describe your site, and your bid determines your ranking throughout our network. Click Here to learn more about KeywordTarget™


Here are some articles so you can learn more on how to use those PPC (Pay Per Click) Search Engine services: