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Making money with your web site


Think Green! ;)

Is it possible to make some money with a website, you may ask. Well the fast answer is yes you can. Now, you may treat this like a hobby and make just a few dollars out of it or you may treat it as a business and the sky is the limit. But be warned there is work involved if you want to make some good profit, its not just building a few pages and your rich, nope its like any business the more serious you threat it, the more time you invest and the better your business idea and plan is the better you will do.

Well first lets analyze what type of business websites are out there:

  • Existing brick and mortar business that wants to expand sales, get new sales leads, improve or change their image, announce new products or services or offer customer services online to save money etc.

  • Purely web based business (like Google, Yahoo, EBay or Amazon for example) that offer goods or services online. Even do many niches are covered already here, remember that the Internet is still in its beginning and many more small start ups still have good chances to strike it rich.

  • Government and private organizations that offer mostly information or services online in order to reduce cost and get their messages out to a broader audience.

Now fine, but what about you and me who are not Mr. Bill Gates and don't have much millions to invest, how do we get started or what possibilities do we have?

First lets think of what about you want to build a website, what are your interests, hobbies or do you have special knowledge about something? What type of unique content can you produce? Are you good in writing stories, a great or maybe not so great amateur photographer, painter?

Want to make a blog about your travel experiences, what is going on in your community or what is going on in your business sector? Or do you have a clever new idea about renewable energy resources or whatever else.

So if you don't want to build a huge business but just do a small site about your hobby for example I have good news for you, even here you can make money with your website.

See this Adsense Tour from Google for example. And I quote:

"Google AdSense is the program that can give you advertising revenue from each page on your website—with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources. AdSense delivers relevant text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content."

So you can include a little script in your webpages and adsense delivers the ads, when you get enough visitors (traffic) to your website some visitors will click on those ads and you will get paid. Make sure you follow the exact terms and rules that  googles adsense requests. With this sponsors program as with any other its really important you read and understand the terms well so you don't get in trouble down the road! Googles adsense is only one of the many sponsors you can use but its easy to implement because you can use it for many topics, here you find a list of more sponsors you can use as well.

Try to build a web site about a subject that you really like, have some knowledge about and where you think you can contribute something to the world that will interest people to come and visit your site, but relax there is an audience out there for almost anything from nature lovers to the lasted high tech topic.

Now you see we have shown you one easy way to make money on the web, there are many more and we will get to those in our next article.

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