How to choose the right keywords and where to include keywords on your page


Think Green! ;)

Relevant, targeted keywords can get you to the top of search engine rankings, help you attract visitors interested in your web site's content and targeted traffic means better sales conversion ratios = more sales = more $$$ for you.

1. Keyword Research

Study the product or service you want to promote and write down what it offers and what special features can be found there. Describe in your own words what the product page is about or how you would recommend that site/page to your friends.

  • What is the site about?

  • Why is the site more valuable than others in the same niche?

  • Who is your audience and what words do they use?

  • What are possible words your products or services can be described with?

Ok now we have a list of possible keywords we can use, let's analyze them, find how often they are used and what combinations the surfers search for as well. To do that we go to:  and type in the first keyword.

Lets say just as example we promote an  Ergonomic Chair that tool gives us back the following numbers showing how many times each term was searched for during the last month:

1195  ergonomic chair
 558  ergonomic office chair
 178  ergonomic computer chair
 81  ergonomic kneeling chair
 69  wooden ergonomic chair
 67  ergonomic knee chair
 66  ergonomic executive office chair
 51  best ergonomic chair
 51  ergonomic desk chair
 51  chair ergonomic office uk
 37  chair ergonomic work
 35  chair ergonomic industrial
 34  ergonomic computer chair desk
 31  chair ergonomic wheel
 28  chair ergonomic furniture office
 27  bent chair computer ergonomic knee oak wood
 26  ergonomic executive chair
 25  chair ergonomic furniture office office office
 25  ergonomic seating and chair

Ok now we have a good selection of possible keyword combinations and we do the same as well with the other terms we came up with while studying our products or services.

So lets see how much competition is out there for those keywords, for that we simply go to Google and type in each of the above keyword combination starting with the ones that best describe our product, on the it will give us the following results:

So we see for each of our Keyword combination we selected what competition we have and select the one in the end that best describes our product or services but has the least competition so we can improve the chances of our pages ranking.

You can do the same process for every page and product to get optimal search engine placement results.


2. Where to Include the keywords in your pages

1) Title tag (this is the most important one)

2) Repeat the title on the page with H1 tags

3) In the regular text of that page (remember search engines love text, so always include some paragraphs of text on all pages!

4) In text links on other pages pointing to this page
(Important: don't try to artificially get incoming text links on any pages you have try to have links on pages where it make sense from the users point of view and have them on pages that have similar themes or content.)

5) In the URL: domain name or folder name (sub dir name) or html file name
( ergonomic-chair.html )


The following are used by some SE's and not by others but it I do them on most pages anyway.

6) Meta description tag

7) Meta keyword Tags

8) Rename the pics or banners using keywords ( ergonomic-chair.gif )

9) Alt tags

10) Be creative and always remember: search engines love text!


Example of page header:


<title>Your site title and description goes here</title>
<meta name="robots" content="index all, follow all">
<meta name="description" content="Describe shortly here what this page is about">
<meta name="keywords" content="Keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, etc etc">


Here is another useful tool to find keywords: Wordtracker helps you find all keyword combinations that bear any relation to your business or service - many of which you might never have considered.

Millions of niche keywords for use in your web pages.
To learn more about Wordtracker, please click here


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