Website Visitors

A few random ideas on how to get more traffic to your website


Think Green! ;)

1) Exchange links with sites that offer related products or services.
Your sites link popularity is important for good search engine results. (Some Search engines rank you higher if they find that you are linked on many other sites)

2) Do "Out off the Box" promotions

  • Add you URL on all of your publications including letterheads , business cards newspaper ads etc.

  • Put the URL on the back or your company car.

  • Send out postcards to possible future clients with a message about your latest promotions or new updates on your website.

  • Give out free pens or mouse pads with your URL on it.

  • Print T-shirts with your URL.

  • Mention your Website in Radio or TV spots and participate in talk shows promoting the great services you offer.

  • Make a little brochure about your website services and distribute them with your sales people.

  • Each person in you company should know the URL of your site and promote it. Start in-house workshops and brainstorm for new ideas. 

3) Learn  about the search engines as much as you can. See our Search Engines page for where to do that. And never think you just submit once and forget about it, you need to check and work the SE's regularly.

4) Build more small sites with related content, submit them to the search engines and promote your site there. This can add up quite a lot of traffic.

5) Add online postcards or other cool ideas to your site.

6) Get creative and develop new ideas, never stop to try out new things and follow your ideas trough, don't just start, do it right. This is a business and requires a lot of effort, but the return can be great , so start a new promotion each week! 

7) Add a blog or a forum to your site. This way you can have an interactive conversation of, comments, questions and answers, news updates and your clients will come back to your site.