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First for some basics about website hosting

Once you have built your website and chosen your domain name you need hosting for your website. What is website hosting and where to get it? Well first in order that your website is accessible on the internet it needs to be uploaded to a computer also called a server that is connected with high speed access all the time to the internet. Think of this like the webhost will rent you some room or an entire server on his network and give you any support you need so your site is accessible to see online.

It is important that you choose a webhosting service that offers good reliable 24/7 service and support, its not a good idea to go just for the cheapest because later down the road you dont want any problems to arise if your site is not accessible or your webhost cant give you any support in a timely manner. But not to worry webhosting costs have come down allot and are very accessible these days. Most good hosting companies have also online tutorials and help to guide you trough all the necessary steps. Look around a few hosting companies you can find in the websites listed below and check out their references and websites until you find the one that suits your needs and budget.

For hosting your websites WE RECOMMEND CYBER WURX HOSTING they offers plans starting at only US $ 4.25 per month for the basic starter virtual hosting plan.


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