Website Structure

What is a good website layout


Think Green! ;)

I'm often asked what a good website layout is, well the fast answer is make it user friendly, every page should be reachable with no more the 3 clicks from any page. Normally what I do is have a main page (the index page) then sub menus and from there the content pages in linked as shown in this example:

  • From Index have a link to each subtopic and back to index

  • From Each subtopic have a link to the sub pages

  • On every page have have a navigation menu (text link on top, bottom or in a side bar) that leads to index and subtopic 1, 2 and 3

  • For best results use text links and have the keyword you want to use in there.

  • When doing link exchanges have most pointed to your index but a few to some of the important sub pages also.

If anybody wants to research a bit more about site structures read this:
Search Engine Theme Pyramids
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