Targeted Traffic

 Why you need targeted traffic to your website


Think Green! ;)

Identify your target visitor! Prepare a detailed description of the audience you are seeking. What age group, what education level, geographic location, language, economic background etc.

It makes no sense to have tons of visitors to a site that lets say sells sports cars but the visitor looks for cookie recipes. If you want to sell cars get the visitor that looks for cars and you will sell.

It is not the same to design for a computer nerd seeking the latest software, a grandmother looking for a present for her grandchildren, a top manager seeking the latest stock market quotes or information on investments in your area or a tourist trying to find a nice hotel and travel information etc.

Secondly define what you want them to get out of your site! Do you want to sell to them directly? getting a sales lead with information on there needs? let them know a new product is on the market? promoting your new image or service? getting there e-mail for later contacts or giving them information to cut cost in distributing newsletters or instruction manuals?? etc.

Match your objectives and your target audience's needs.