Navigation: To follow the planed course

Important things to consider when designing your websites navigation


Make it easy for the surfer to find what you want him to find and to find what he is looking for.

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Don't confuse the surfer with too many choices. Lead him along your planed course.



Surf around the web and visit your favorite websites now pay attention to the navigation each site offers, where do you think its easy to get around, not only from the front page to a subpage, but as well if you land first on a deep layered subpage how to get around from there. Is internal search offered and does it work? or is the site hard to get around? As always we do not encourage to copy any part of websites as that can be as well illegal, but rather get inspired by the ideas you encounter and use them in your own development. Now look at your own site and think from a visitors perspective is it easy or hard to get around?


Great websites also do allot of testing they invite potential visitors and they do follow and register every move and comment they make on the websites usability.